Bruno Paz

About me

My name is Bruno Paz and I am an Web Engineer specialized in PHP/Symfony, and Golang with also some professional experience with Java and basic knowledge of NodeJS and Typescript.

I have been working mostly on Backend, but I have great interest in all the areas of the Software Development Lifecycle, in particular CI/CD, Code quality and Engineering Practices.

I identify myself with the T-Shaped Developer mindset, and I direct my learnings for that. My goal is to be able to launch an application, "from idea to production".

Despite my personal preferences or experience, I always try to use the most appropriate technology for the job, even if that implies getting out of my conform zone.

I am a fast learner and I don´t believe in silver bullets or in "Hype Driven Development". Context is very important and I try to balance pragmatism, with the normal desire to experiment with some new tech. There are many cases where using a stable and "boring" technology is the right choice.

I studied Computer Science at ISEP were I graduated in 2010.

This was the year I also start working at my first company, ueb, a small startup, developing Web solutions for small busineses (ex: uebbill) and a customer satisfaction platform for the Automobile area, as well as websites for specific clients, like SOS Consultoria or Sporjovem.

As we were very few developers and with lots of challenging projects, I ended up having to do a bit of everything from Frontend, Backend to Server management, so it was an incredible learning experience.

In 2014, it was time for a new challenge and I joined Jumia Porto Tech Center.

Jumia is one of the biggest E-Commerce solutions in Africa with operations in more than 10 countries. I start at the Jumia Travel (formelly known as Jovago) project, with the goal to make it the biggest Hotel Booking platform in Africa.

This was a completely different reality, from what I was used to. From less than 5 developers to a team around 30. Also the scale was much bigger as the application was serving thousands of users. I learned a ton!

Later, in 2017, I started working on a new Jumia project, Jumia Flights, an "extension" of Jumia Travel to the Flights Business. While my teammates were all prevously in Travel, it was a completely new context, as we had to build and architech an entire new application from scratch, in a very very complex Flights business.

In less than an year, we maanaged to release the first version. Using some newer technologies like VueJS in frontend and Go in backend, together with a mature Java core and a Microservices oriented architecture, we managed to build a really cool and scalable product. The project was sold to a partner, some months later.

After Flights, a new short term project, J-Force, an internal Jumia application to manage their agents on the field, before starting on JumiaPay in 2019, to build the new Business application, where the Merchants can see the Purchases in their shops, manage refunds, withdraw money to their Bank accounts etc.

Besides Programming, Sports, TV Shows, Jogging Outside and dinners with Friends are my main hobbies.