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There are lot´s of great software that is not available or is outdated on the Package managers repositories and it´s only available on GitHub. The biggest issue with installing software directly from GitHub is the update process, which is a very manual process. What if we could automate that process? In This article I will show how we can Ansible to make sure that any software installed from GitHub is always updated.

Constant learning is an important part of the life of a Software Engineer. But organizing and Digesting all that knowledge and information from multiple sources like Blog posts, newsletters, social networks, documentation sites can be a daunting task. In this post, I will talk about the tools I use to help me with that.

Serverless beyond FaaS

07 July 2020

Serverless is for some time, the new hype in the infrastructure world. But it is offten confused with Lambdas. In this post I will show why Lambdas are only a sub part of Serverless.